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NVSC - Appointed general receiver to operate and assist with the sale of a large multi-tenant shopping center; took possession and distributed sale proceeds as instructed by the court; wound up the affairs of the limited partnership.

EPC - Appointed asset receiver to effect court-supervised private sales of diverse real properties for benefit of receivership estate. Supervised the process of cleaning real property to meet acceptable environmental standards, conversion of real property to commercial salable use, court supervised private sale of real property.
LDF - Appointed General Manager of a large agribusiness during pendency of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Responsibilities included management and sale of assets including real property, payment of creditor claims, and preservation of partnership assets.

GPC - Appointed general receiver over a manufacturer of juice concentrate with a total debt of $32 million. Responsibilities included developing and implementing a plan for gross inventory preservation and liquidation valued in excess of $20 million.

CNC - Appointed asset receiver over a large warehouse. Duties included cleaning the property to meet acceptable environmental standards, and managing and liquidating all personal and real property assets.

PFR - Appointed general receiver over a large grower, shipper, and sales agent of certified organically grown table grapes, raisins, and mixed fruits and vegetables. The company was vertically integrated and marketed over 80 other organic food products, with year-round operations in California and Arizona. Responsibilities included overseeing day-to-day operations pending credit resolution and/or asset liquidation.

SAFF - Appointed asset receiver over a vertically integrated vegetable company with year-round operations in California and Arizona. The company had annual sales in excess of $150 million. I was charged with liquidating and disposing assets in order to maximize the net proceeds in a highly complex environment. Appointed as administrator of the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act ("PACA") Trust Account and pursued claims through the Fruit and Vegetabe Dispute Resolution Corporation.

MFD - Appointed special operator and liquidator by the New Mexico Bankruptcy Court to maintain, preserve, recover, and sell assets of a vertically integrated dairy and farming operation. We stabilized the situation and arranged for a court approved auction within 70 days of appointment.

UPR - Hired as consultant and manager of large tenant occupied commercial property. Supervised tenant compliance with lease terms, maintained property, and provided financial analysis and reports to lender/owner.

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