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I begin each engagement by meeting with the parties to the lawsuit separately to determined their goals, objectives, and visions for the receivership, subject to the limitations of any court orders. I retain present management, when appropriate, to use their knowledge, skills, and expertise. My methodology is tailored to the specific requirements of each company but normally include the following steps:

  1. Identify, locate, physically secure, and inventory all assets.

  2. Establish and implement policies and procedures to control and account for cash, accounts receivable, inventory, and manage daily business operations.

  3. Identify and meet with key employees to evaluate their concerns, integrity, and emotional stability. Develop plans as prudent to address their concerns, including the possibility of severance packages for staying with company until resolution.

  4. Hire independent third parties as needed to determine the quality, quantity, and value of the assets.

  5. Review all recent reports performed by outside professionals and consultants.

  6. Develop operating budgets, if needed, and determine cash flow requirements. Review and assume/reject/abandon existing contracts.

  7. Evaluate "cost volume profit relationship" to determine marginal value of completing work in process.

  8. Meet with key staff to develop and assess all reasonable methods for disposing of inventory and assets. Seek third-party opinions.

  9. Present scenarios and recommendations to meet objectives. scenarios may include:
    (a) selling the company as a going concern; (b) selling the company by strategic parts; (c) selling inventory/ assets in the ordinary course until advantageous bulk sale is found; (D) selling assets and inventory via a sealed bid or court-supervised public overbid process; or (e) proceeding as circumstances dictate or permit.

  10. Seek approval of interested parties and of interested parties and of the court to implement the appropriate plan, and then implement the plan.  

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